Friday, February 18, 2005

LaunchLog Feb 2005

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Spacecraft in Paper, February 2005

06/02/05 - Laszlo Vadasz has created a Soyuz spacecraft to add to Lars Folman's R-7 launch Vehicle. He also has a Launch table for Michael Urban's 1:48 Mercury-Redstone. If you look on Laszlo's Tips page you will see that he also has Lars' R-7 Sputnik model available by permission as well as a number of add-ons: a Railroad Transporter for the R-7 Vostok, a stand for Ralph Currell's SpaceShip One and a modified launch tower for Michael Urbans Little Joe-Mercury.

16/02/05 - Erik te Groen spotted a new paper model of the recently launched SWIFT satellite. On the Main page scroll down just a little bit to find the paper model but be warned, it's a big file, listed as 9.3 Mb but actually over 15Mb [M."Chthulhu" H] and over 30 pages. "Nice detail: instead of the usual metals, this satellite seems to made out of wood (Cherry? Rose ?) and white silk.......! ;-)"

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Spacecraft in Paper, January 2005

The following summary of developments in the field of Spacecraft Paper Models is almost totally made up from posts on the PaperModels Smartgroup and it is hoped that this summary will introduce more to the hobby

02/01/05 Niels Jahn Knudsen has a test build up of Ariane 1 and the British Blue Streak rocket to add to his Martin RTV-N-12 Viking 7 and Martin RTV-N-12-a Viking 10

05/01/05 - Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) satellite available in colour & B&W
... also ...
TERRIERS satellite, been around for a while but thanks for the reminder (Source - Gr. Arie)

07/01/05 - Lars has nearly finished a Zond Lunar lander from the USSR

07/01/05 - A new full size (1:1) version of the AAU CUBESAT (Source - Gr. Arie)

13/01/05 - There are three versions of the "Deep Impact" Spacecraft, a Detailed Model for ages 15 and up (aprox 8 hrs) a Basic Model for ages 12 and up (aprox 5 hrs) and a model just of the Impactor for ages 10-12 and up (aprox 1 hour) (Source - Mike 'Chthulhu' Hungerford)

As at 28/01/05

LaunchLog Jan 2005

Launch data (courtesy of Jonathans Space Report) from Earth to Earth orbit in January, 2005