Thursday, February 17, 2005

Spacecraft in Paper, February 2005

06/02/05 - Laszlo Vadasz has created a Soyuz spacecraft to add to Lars Folman's R-7 launch Vehicle. He also has a Launch table for Michael Urban's 1:48 Mercury-Redstone. If you look on Laszlo's Tips page you will see that he also has Lars' R-7 Sputnik model available by permission as well as a number of add-ons: a Railroad Transporter for the R-7 Vostok, a stand for Ralph Currell's SpaceShip One and a modified launch tower for Michael Urbans Little Joe-Mercury.

16/02/05 - Erik te Groen spotted a new paper model of the recently launched SWIFT satellite. On the Main page scroll down just a little bit to find the paper model but be warned, it's a big file, listed as 9.3 Mb but actually over 15Mb [M."Chthulhu" H] and over 30 pages. "Nice detail: instead of the usual metals, this satellite seems to made out of wood (Cherry? Rose ?) and white silk.......! ;-)"


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